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  Handicapped help

Katja and her Charline

with babies


"A claim to help are no alms" !

Absolutely it is not always easy and to maintain easily his handicapped members and to look.
The looking have to master a difficult job, because they must be there for the maintaining round-the-clock.
The everyday life with a handicapped member has many facets, joy and worries lie close together, sometimes one is at the end of his strength. The charges increase, the older the to be maintained and the older one becomes same.
The need according to the information of for the help and support is very high.
one immediately Not always finds the right contact with questions and problems.
For children and youngsters there is the possibility by the hour an isolated case assistant to agree who looks after the member. We use the family-relieving service for our daughter, two times per week there comes an attendant and occupies and supervises them, for us it is a discharge and Katja feels fine.
Furthermore we have used the possibilities of a short-term care and the prevention care.

By our handicapped daughter we have in runs of the years many experiences accumulatedly, particularly in the social area and in the leisure activities which we would like to transmit here with pleasure. Hindered have a right on help, so certainly this Sozialgesetzbuch.

We want to make in addition a small contribution that handicapped people and members are better informed about the subject.
knowledge you, actually, what is entitled to you? We can give personal, helpful tips and information to the to be followed topic:

- Dolphin therapy
- Mother's child's cure
- Handicapped spare time / consultation support
- Achievements of the health insurance schemes
- med. Aid
- Juridical care - subject in treatment

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