The Butterfly Among The Dogs  


The television -report showed us that dogs are able to recognize slightest critical signs at a very early state, to warn the patient in time. So the person could try to avoid great incidents like attacks, diabetes shock or convulsion for example. They reported only about a few pure-bred dogs, but this doesn't mean that other not named animals haven't the skills and instinct to do the same job.

Beings and qualities of the Papillons

Papillons are very nice and devoted family-dogs. They are very modest, easy to train and love to play in a garden or go for a walk in the nature any way. In case of his small size, weight (2-3 kilos) and lovely character a Papillon is perfect to handle from kids and seniors, even when the elderly suffer on dementia. Papillons love playing in the nature, love walking, they like watching birds,they are curious and record every single movement very sensible. They just want to know what's going on. Papillons are very nice, agile and intelligent. They are even noticed as one of the top-ten most intelligent dogs in the world.
The white and smooth coat is easy to handle, too, because it will be enough to brush it once a day.

Why we choose a Papillon?

After a long period in which we collected a lot of informations about several therapy-dogs, because we hadn't any experience with dogs any way, we found a skilled breeder who gave us all the support we needed.
As our decision for a Papillon was clear, we took, at September 2003, “Charline von der Zwergenburg” in our family – a step we never regret.

"Charline of the midget castle ” /… our new family member

Charline was integrated in our family very easy. She is very kind, attentive and intelligent. She found very quick new friends among other dogs in our neighbourhood. But the main thing – she is the closest friend of our disabled daughter Katja, who can not speak to other persons. But they found their own speech, they found their own way to communicate together and it worked out very well.
From Monday to Friday katja is going to a special home for disabled people. Between 8:00 – 14:00 o'clock she is getting special care from trained therapist in a group of other disabled persons.
Charline knows the time when Katja usually arrive at home and wait for her until the door opened. Then they start each day a great hallo, which brings a lot of fun for both of them, even for any spectator who watch the scene. Katja stroke carefully over Charlines coat. She couldn't do this before. At the time we hadn't a dog her grip was very coarse, because she wasn't able to touch something in a sensitive way. We have no idea how the papillon switch the button but we recognize it works. The progress is really amazing.
But Katja is not only getting more sensitive, also her attention is rising up. She try to notice every movement of Charline without getting bored. They play with several kind of toys, they go for a walk and even they go on holidays together. They share more and more and get closer and closer, what both enjoy. Also concentration and stamina increase for both – the dog and the patient – so it's a perfect double-bind.
In 2005 the papillon was a great help for the whole family, when Katjas grandpa died on cancer. Charline helped us through the mourning under either psychological and mental aspects. The dog reminded me “come on, you can't sit down and cry all the time – okay you need a time for mourning but life is still going on. You have to cook, you have to go shopping, you have to take care for Katja – Katja has to go to the sheltered workshop, you have to feed me and you have to go for a walk with me too.” It was really a great help for all of us.
Also during the illness-period from my father Charline was a great support for him. He always enjoyed the presence of the funny little dog.

Why we took a second dog in our family?

In 2007 we decided to take a second dog in our family, Charline shouldn't be alone any longer.
The problem was, she grew up as a single dog in our family (that mean she was the queen) and she wasn't very pleased to accept an other dog as a rival.
So we had to think about the best way to solve the problem and we decided Charline is in the best age to get puppies. At the beginning we was a little concerned - if it will really work out or not. How would Charline behave as a pregnant dog? How would she behave as mother of the puppies? Are we able to handle it in a pleasant way, because we are out of any experience? But again we were lucky and got all the support we needed from a very experienced breeder, Mrs. Ingrid Behrend.
She found the right answers of all our questions and did a great job. Thanks a lot!

Charlines puppies

At the end Charline got two sweet puppies – a male called Aron Picasso and a female named Asta Pandora. Both carry the same wonderful character from her mother. And we had a lot of fun when they grew up.
After four months we found a very nice family for Aron Picasso, because two Papillons are enough for our family. We didn't want to get in a role of professional breeding. This job has all our respect, but this was not what we wanted to do.
Our main aspect is the way how Papillons, as therapy-dogs, get on with disabled people in general and how Charline get on with her daughter Asta and our daughter Katja. As parents we were very proud each day when we see how the story is working out. Not only Katja is making good progress, also we as her parents participate from the wonderful experience with the dogs and we see new prospects for the future. .
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