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Epilepsie        Epilepsie

Clinical picture epilepsy - causes, treatment

Epilepsy is an attack illness, an organic illness of the brain - a brain malfunction. The cramp suffering calls a clinical picture with at least two spontaneously repeats to appearing cramp attacks which were not caused by a preceding recognizable cause

Epilepsy is no uniform illness, but exists of many different clinical pictures with different courses. The exact assignment arises from the anamnesis, the attack kind and additional investigations. For an exact diagnosis the description of the attacks is very important. Every person has an assessment to epileptic attacks which are dependent, however, on different factors.

Causes of epileptic attacks are electric unloadings of nerve cells of the brain bark. The frequency of attacks in a certain period can be very different. There are many different forms of the epilepsy.

An epileptic attack in itself is not dangerous. One cannot influence the immediate course even. If an attack lasts longer than 10 minutes, a doctor is to be informed, as well as to give if available, an attack-interrupting drug.

Experienced Epileptologen hold the careful clarification and consultation of the patients in view of the avoidance of attack-releasing charms and situations as important as a medikamentöse therapy. To the therapeutic possibilities also count:
Biofeedback – Self-control
Epilepsiechirurgie- if the treatment of an epilepsy is by means of neurochirogischer procedures
Ketogene Diät- Special diet - few coal hydrates, little egg white, a lot of fat.

Epileptic attacks are from the principle no obstacle for children, youngsters and adults, but a normal illness, with the suitable social contacts and challenges. In Germany approx. 1% of the population suffer from epilepsy.
Also with domestic animals epilepsy can seem, are concerned most often by it dogs.

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