The butterfly among the dogs

Our Dogs...Papillon... Therapy and accompanying dogs... Epilepsy... Handicapped help... Handicapped spare time... Handicapped tourism... Dolphin therapy... uvm.


...Welcome on our Homepage...

First, we have to excuse by all English native speakers for this translation. We know our English needs a little brush up! But this is not a homepage made by professionals it is our private page and our intention is to share our experience we made with our beloved disabled daughter Katja and her little dogs, with you.

Butterfly from the „Snuggle-Ranch“

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We really appreciate each message from you, if you find a mistake and like to get your suggestion for improvement. Thanks for that. Now, we hope our pages will find your interest, you get some information and at least you enjoy the sweet pictures.

We would be pleased about an entry in our visitors' book very much.


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