The Butterfly Among The Dogs  


The therapy in the human medicine with...

... Using animals to support therapy in human-medicine steadily increases over the last years. A new market for well trained animals and very skilled animal-trainers rose, since therapists recognize even more good results by using all kind of animals (dogs, horses, dolphins...) in their therapy plans. Mostly they treat people with mental illness but trained animals are also used in social projects.

Unsere Hunde                  Unsere Hunde

How we got the idea to take a dog in our family?

Once, we saw a report at television about therapy-dogs the idea was born to try it out. In this report we got all required basic informations:
- where can we find a therapy-dog?
- what qualification needs the dog?
- What qualification needs the patient?
- How long does it take to train the dog?
- What is the dog able to do for the patient after its training?
- And so on...
Unfortunately they always talked about big dogs which need a lot of space – and we live in a city! So we collected some more information about dogs and find out that PAPILLON (butterfly-dog) is a very intelligent dog with all the skills required. These trained dogs were always used where people need special help and they really increase their quality of life.

Our daughter Katja , now 24 years old, suffers on physically and mental illness, since she was born. She suffers on focal epilepsy with several kind of attacks and also grand mal. She can't speak or even get the meaning of instructions, therefore she is totally helpless and needs permanent special care.

More about our life with the PAPILLON you can read in the following   Report
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